Application Examples

 Multi-Aerosol Simulation


Global ICON-ART simulation of mineral dust (yellow), biomass burning aerosol (white), and sea salt (blue) during the period June 22, 2019 - July 22, 2019. In our PermaStrom project, we investigate how these aerosols can affect PV power yield.

Transport of mineral dust 

The Aerosol Optical Thickness due to mineral dust during a Saharan dust event in Europe from 14-03-22 to 19-03-22. The Aerosol Optical Thickness is a measure of the opacity of the atmosphere. Simulation performed by the German Weather Service.


Volcanic aerosols

SO2 cloud of the Raikoke eruption in June 2019, simulated with ICON-ART. The isosurface of a constant gas concentration of 100 µg per kg air is displayed in the animation.



Biomass burning aerosols

The animation shows the vertical integrated soot column of vegetation fires simulated with ICON-ART. The simulation starts at September 8th and lasts for seven days. There were severe vegetation fires in California, but also Central Africa and South  America during that time period.



In the ICON-ART user guide, we provide step by step training simulations that can be carried out and results visualized. You can find these tutorials here.

ICON-ART Pointsource simulation of the Raikoke volcanic eruption in June 2019. SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide) and ash particles are emitted in a column from the volcano and then transported through the atmosphere. Depicted is the time evolution of the Column Mass in kg m-2 of the emitted SO2.