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ICON-ART User guide

Welcome to the ICON-ART Wiki! ICON-ART is a state-of-the-science seamless model system for the whole atmosphere (physics and composition) that comprises the key components of the next generation Earth system model in Germany. ICON is a global weather and climate model that solves the full three-dimensional non-hydrostatic and compressible Navier-Stokes equations on an icosahedral grid and allows seamless predictions from local to global scales. Aerosol and Reactive Trace gases (ART), as a submodule of ICON, supplements the model by including emissions, transport, gas phase chemistry and aerosol dynamics in the troposphere and stratosphere (as seen in Capabilities of ICON-ARTs).

Being a seamless model makes it possible to use ART to simulate processes overarching multiple scales, like the emission of greenhouse gases, aerosol-cloud interactions and atmospheric chemistry as indicated in seamless prediction with ICON-ART. It also enables its use as a prediction tool for the production of renewable energy.

ICON-ART Wiki is under construction!

ICON-ART (Aerosol and Reactive Trace gases interactions) is a sub-module of the ICON Model and can be used to simulate emissions, transport, gas phase chemistry, and aerosol dynamics in the troposphere and stratosphere. Before using ICON-ART you need some experience using the ICON model, and to make best use of the articles on this wiki some fluency with using ICON is required. Further information about the usage of ICON can be found in the ICON Model Tutorial.

Getting Started

Contains all the necessary information to get started using ICON-ART.


An overview about which Variables to set and files to prepare to run an ICON-ART simulation.


An overview about the ART Namelist Variables which can be set in the runfile to control the parameters of the ICON-ART run.


Summarizes how to create model output files containing the desired variables for further analysis.

Atmospheric Chemistry

Explanations and Examples on Simulations with atmospheric chemistry.


A brief overview on how to further analyze and visualise the output data.

Programming ART

A short introduction to modifying ICON_ART, for example create a new diagnostic.

Tutorial Examples

An assortment of Tutorial slides with some examples and a general overview of ICON-ART.

ICON-ART Application Examples

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